Thursday, October 2, 2014

If You Are Understatnding

Today was bit frustrating, as many of our clients know we are a very busy practice.  I had today a client that was complaing about a 20 minute wait in an exam room as our doctors took care of more urgent cases, such as the kitten with maggots in its eyes that caused this paticular delay to give her pet shots.  Her time was way more important than any other thing that was going on in our office.  Dropping the pet off with us untill a doctor could get to it was not accetable to her.  What we do every day is a balancing act between who is the sickest.  We have a great dedicated Team of Veterinarians, and I am proud of each of them for the dedication they show to our clients and their pets.  

I created this Video to help people understand we aren't havign a party in the back, we are caring for pets in need. When waits are long we do our best to communicate with clients, we ask you do the same and be considerate of the pets that have our doctor’s attention.  They may need it more. These are very heart breaking emotional draining cases and the last thing we need to deal with is clients complaining about a silly 20 minute wait. 

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